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Find your perfect domain

Find your perfect domain

What is a Domain Name and what can I do with it?

A domain name is the first part of a website address after the www. You enter this into a web browser (e.g. to find a web page on the internet. It is also the last part after the @ sign in an email address.

Domain names are used for both business and personal use, including websites, online shops, and email addresses.

You can do a lot with a domain name, from creating your own personal email address to building a website. To get the most out of your domain name you will need a Web Hosting package to get the website online.


What is a TLD and which should I choose?

 TLD stands for Top Level Domain, and is the extension following the final dot in a domain name. e.g. The TLD in is .com.

There are different types of TLDs:

  • Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD)
  • For example .com .gov these are typically used for organisations
  • Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD)
  • For example .uk for the United Kingdom
  • Unsponsored Top Level Domains (uTLD)

The choice of TLD is really down to your preference. The .com is seen as international whereas is available for the UK only.